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About the ministry

The Ministry of Regional Development is the core government centre responsible for shaping and coordinating numerous policies, including above all:

  • development policy – aiming to ensure a durable and sustainable development of the country and socio-economic cohesion,
  • regional policy – with the objective to enhance competitiveness of Polish regions as well as ensure territorial and spatial cohesion,
  • spatial policy – with the aim of maintaining spatial order and a harmonious development of Poland,
  • Cohesion Policy in Poland – focusing on reducing the developmental disparities between European Union regions.

The Ministry of Regional Development has been vested with numerous tasks, most important of which include:

  • ensuring that the system for the strategic management of development is well ordered,
  • preparing and implementing a socio-economic development strategy which takes the spatial development of the country into account,
  • coordinating activities of respective ministers, self-government units and socio-economic partners within the area of the development policy,
  • managing European Funds.

Brochure about the Ministry of Regional Development

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